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Aerial Photography: Serving Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin, Illinois and beyond. Please use our Easy Site Locator tool to pinpoint and describe your location.

Mission: Our goal is to deliver the highest possible quality product on time, on schedule, that will meet your needs and exceed expectations as well. We'll communicate with you and shoot only when you are ready. We are flexible to move dates & times around due to unforeseen delays be they weather or project related. We can have laminated prints to you the very next day, in time for a presentation or meeting. At Aero-Fotografik "We Fly For You".

Aero-Fotografik: Is a full time professional aerial photography service dedicated to excellence in service and product. Our continued commitment in keeping pace with rapidly changing advancements in technology assures the highest quality of image capture, processing and output.

Aerial Blueprint: Let us capture the vital views that are the tools your company needs to make the sale, secure new project contracts and keep you and your clients satisfied with current, detailed visual information. Whether it's aerial imagery for initial site proposals, the first shovel of dirt at ground breaking, project completion beauty shots, or, stock imagery for eloquent decor, we have you covered.

Award Winning and Proven: Having earned prestigious awards from peers in the professional aerial photography industry, Chris is very keen on the quality of imagery required to achieve superior prints, images for magazines, trade publications and other multi medias.

Location: We are based in Southeastern Wisconsin, conveniently located between the major metro areas of Chicago, Rockford, Madison & Milwaukee.

Unlimited Reach: Our immediate coverage areas are Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana, Southwestern Michigan, Eastern Iowa and Eastern Minnesota. For locations outside of our immediate coverage areas we coordinate via a network of carefully screened professionals to extend our coverage across the U.S.A. and points International. Your time is valuable, so call us with your site location, details and let us do all the work necessary in coordinating sources, and delivering the imagery you need.

Deployment: With our company owned aircraft and over 18 years safe flying, we are at the ready to fly your next photo mission. If weather and scheduling permit, we can be on site within the same day if need be.

Your Aircraft Preference: While we utilize our Cessna airplane for most of our work, we have easy access to and use helicopters as well for even lower perspectives. For an additional fee, a helicopter may be the platform that makes sense for the imagery you need. Whether it's an airplane or helicopter, the imagery will be crisp, clear and vivid.

Experience: We started our business in 2004 and have been serving the commercial aerial photography market since 2005 with an ever expanding list of satisfied customers.

Recent News! Celebrating our 12th year of impeccable product and service! We have FAA Remote Pilot Certification for commercial SUAS (small unmanned aerial system) operations. We have added the DJI Inspire Pro 1 X5 with 16MP and 4K video capability to our services. 2013 Professional Aerial Photographers Innovation Award for the IGO Indiemount by PAPA International (Professional Aerial Photographers Association). We're patented! Patent awarded for IGO Indiemount! Our aircraft are always at the ready for the next photographic mission, we await your call! 4K & 1080p HD Aerial Video services! Litho aviation posters available! HS "X" series posters, Hangar Sortie "a look under the skin" & cockpit posters ready to ship. Museum gift shops and aviation catalogs welcome. Aviation fans be sure to visit for our series of aviation posters and limited edition canvas prints signed by WW2 Aces. Visit our On-line Gallery Store where you'll find many fine images to choose from for decor or advertising campaigns. 

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    mopar muscle magazine 2010 PIA Calendar



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